Pellet Stoves

Here at Matt’s we pride ourselves in being the leading Pellet Stove dealer in Albuquerque. We are the proud vendors of American made Breakwell, Thelin and St. Croix pellet stoves which allows us to offer a wide variety of free-standing and insert models. With a pellet stove you can forget about pricey gas bills, the extensive chore of chopping, hauling, stacking and lighting your wood, and the restriction of no-burn nights. Our pellet stoves can heat anywhere between 1200-2500 sq. ft. and they burn pellets which are made here in New Mexico, insuring that there will be a ready supply. They are lit by a flick of a switch and can be digitally regulated to control output. Come into the store this winter to have your questions answered and see live demos of our stoves.


Some of the Pellet Stoves we carry:

St. Croix, St. Croix Pellet Stoves, St. Croix Prescott Pellet Stove, St. Croix Hastings Pellet Stove, St. Croix Afton Bay Pellet Stove, Breckwell, Breckwell Pellet Stoves, Breckwell P2000 Free Standing Pellet Stove, Breckwell P2000 Insert Pellet Stove, Breckwell P24 Free Standing Pellet Stove, Breckwell P24 Insert Pellet  Stove, Breckwell P23 Free Standing Pellet Stove, Breckwell P23 Insert Pellet Stove, Breckwell P22 Free Standing Pellet Stove, Breckwell P22 Insert Pellet Stove, Thelin, Thelin Pellet Stoves,  Thelin Parlour Pellet Stove, Thelin Gnome Pellet Stove, GAME Sand Filter, GAME Pool Pump, Unicel, Unicel Cartridge Filters, Pool Toys, Pool Equipment, Sand Filter for Intex