Here at Matt’s we sell a variety of pump and sand filters. For above ground pools we offer Pentair sand filters that range from 19”-22” tanks and pumps that range from .75-1.5 horse power. For in-ground pools we sell 24” and 30” Pentair sand filter tanks and pumps that range from .75-2 horse power. Do you have an Intex pool? Are you tired of replacing your ineffective cartridge filters? We have the perfect alternative. At Matt’s we sell and pump and sand filter combo system, by GAME equipment, that is built specifically for Intex pools. Need parts? We carry a full line of parts for a variety of equipment brands. Come into the store and check out our displays and bring any questions you might have!

Is your water too frigid? Would you like to enjoy another month of swimming? Look no further than Matt’s. We have a variety of heating systems that will satisfy your desires for warmer water. We stock a variety of solar covers that will fit virtually any size pool. We also offer the very popular Enersol solar panel heating system as a green alternative. Thirdly, we sell efficient, quality gas heaters by Rheem that exert anywhere from 55,000-400,000 btu’s. Please come by the store, where we have all three heating options on display!


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