Wouldn’t you just like to relax and enjoy your pool without the hassle of vacuuming and brushing? At Matt’s we have the answer to your desire. We offer two types of made-in-the-USA automatic pool cleaners by two trusted retailers, Zodiac and Aquabot.

Zodiac offers a pair of efficient, economical and innovative cleaners, the G3 and the Ranger, for both in-ground and above-ground pools. They also make a high-tech, top of the line cleaning robot, called the MX8, which is fully equipped with a cyclonic suction system and a built-in power turbine.

We also offer the Aquabot line which prides itself in being the largest, oldest and world’s leading underwater robotics cleaning-systems company. Each robot is handcrafted and tested in the USA and has been proven to save hundreds of dollars in chemical, water and energy costs. At Matt’s we sell the Xtreme and Eagle models which work independently from your pump and filter system by plugging into your household outlet via a transformer. Both models also have a built in filtering system that will circulate 4,200 gallons per hour. Come into Matt’s to get more information and see our robots in action!


Some other cleaners we carry:

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