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Matt’s The Pool and Fire Place provides quality pool supplies.

We have both chlorine and BAQUACIL™ chlorine free pool supplies and chemicals. We carry a full line of BAQUACIL™ chlorine free pool chemicals including CDX, Shock, Oxidizer, Algicide, Sanitizer, and Algistat.

What is the chlorine-free BAQUACIL™ CDX™ System?

The BAQUACIL™ CDX™ Pool Care System is a complete pool sanitizing system consisting of chlorine-free BAQUACIL™ SANITIZER AND ALGISTAT, BAQUACIL™ OXIDIZER, and BAQUACIL™ CDX™. The product that actually kills bacteria in pool water is BAQUACIL™ SANITIZER AND ALGISTAT. The two other products in the system work with this product to keep your pool sparkling clear and algae free.


The active ingredient in BAQUACIL™ SANITIZER AND ALGISTAT is polyhexamethylene biguanide. It’s so gentle it is used in some contact lens cleaning solutions. BAQUACIL™ SANITIZER AND ALGISTAT’s chemical structure makes it extremely stable. So, unlike some other sanitizers, BAQUACIL™ SANITIZER AND ALGISTAT is not affected by sunlight, temperature, and pH fluctuations.

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